User Testing and Research

While finishing up my app I conducted some user testing on two different people who fall into my target audience. Both testers used the app prototype in invision alone and made notes based on their experience. Then I walked through the app with them and we talked about its different features. User testing helped me to refine the features and the design of a the app.

I also conducted an “object analysis” to learn more about what kinds of cleaning products my target audience owns and uses so I could be more aware of what kinds of products they would be using the app for. For this I was “let loose” in the bathroom of one of a member of my target audience who had served as a reference for the persona development. I compiled a list ( and some pictures) of what products they owned and used.

I learned that one bathroom can hold a ton of cleaning products…
Notes from user testing

Project Phase 2: Elevator Pitch


About 2 billion tons of soap, cosmetics, and cleaning products are washed down the drain yearly, creating dangerous levels of pollution in waterways around the world. By using all-natural, environmentally friendly cleaning and beauty products you can not only help to reduce this source of water pollution, but also save money and improve your health. In order to help people change their use and understanding of cleaning products, I am making an app that creates a community around making sustainable and healthy choices for beauty and cleaning products.

The app will allow users to evaluate their current product usage and get personalized suggestions, advice, and recipes for all-natural, healthy, and sustainable alternatives based on the users needs, preferences and lifestyle.